The Numad Group is a strategic communications and fundraising firm that provides a full-service approach to developing creative solutions for advancing your organization. We work with inspired organizations, both nonprofit and commercial, who are committed to making positive change through proactive efforts within their communities.

The Numad Group brings together colleagues who have known each other—and worked together—in the nonprofit sector for many years. With more than 30 years of combined experience, the team applies its unique, innovative approach to advancement to elevate the missions of nonprofit organizations—from elementary and secondary schools to colleges and universities, religious organizations, art centers and museums, and other community agencies.

Just like our philosophy to life and our approach to our work, we believe true, innovative partnerships know no bounds. Our team of principals and associates work across the country, sometimes even abroad, to allow them to live in communities that inspire them, and their families... and bring that experience into their work.

We listen, plan, strategize, create, analyze and share so that you can engage with your audiences in “nu” and exciting ways.



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