The Garage is a space for creative minds. It is also a place to provoke conversations and envision a better community in Rapid City, and around the region. The Garage’s Chalk Artist in Residency Program invites one artist to participate in a one-year residency program to contribute to the vibrancy and conversation of the community coworking space through chalk art.

Our current artist: Grace Hagel


Grace was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota and is currently a student at Central High School. She enjoys working in a wide range of art forms from painting, colored pencils, mixed media projects to theater. She has recently fallen into working with chalk as a medium during her time at The Garage where she is excited to see how far she can push herself to grow in the art form. With the support and love coming from her friends and family, she is very excited to show the community her art style and creativity. 

Artist Statement
My biggest influencers are my family and past personal experiences that drive me forward. I have found art to be an escape or filter to remove any negativity from my life. Being able to escape through artistic expression has helped me in many ways. I enjoy painting, drawing, acting and music. I do not limit myself to just one art form but like to experiment and learn when a new opportunity presents itself. I have a lot of help and confidence from my dad and step mom and so much drive and leadership from my mother. I hold my mom very close to my heart and try to incorporate her into every piece that I do. Chalk is the newest medium I have been working with after my art teacher recommended me for the Chalk Artist Residency at The Garage. I am excited to see how far I can push myself in this art form in the months to come.