Don't miss these great upcoming events at The Garage.

Black Hills Shore Fishing: Techniques and Technology

June 28 at 6 PM

Without a boat, shore and kayak fishing can be a bit of a challenge. But there are ways and resources to help eliminate unproductive water faster and find more fish. In his newest open water seminar, “Dr. Auger” Scott Olson will cover different search techniques that can help find aggressive fish as well as new gear that help to close the technological gap between boat and shore fishermen. 

Artist Reception: Lynn Thorpe, "Older and Newer"

June 14 at 5pm

Lynn says making art is a way of thinking for her. A way of asking questions about her perceptions of the world, and the complex of relationships involved in living. She says garnering the responses of others to these questions is a marvelous way for her to engage in a dialogue about our diverse and sometimes conflicting experiences in the world.