In 2013 the South Dakota Hall of Fame rebranded its mission to, "Championing a culture of excellence in South Dakota." The non-profit organization began in 1974 as part of the Cowboy and Western Heritage Hall of Fame in Pierre, SD. In 1986 the South Dakota Hall of Fame was established. In June of 2000 a 25 year dream was realized with the grand opening for a new building in Chamberlain.

Each year an annual Honors Ceremony celebrates up to ten individuals inducted into the Hall of Fame. Their achievements and challenges are stories of excellence to inspire and connect with youth, communities and shaping the future of our state. New programming using a digital platform will record and broadcast inductee legacies to inspire and connect individuals, communities, and professions in fostering a culture of excellence.

Our Legends and Learning youth program is an educational statewide model sharing history-making experiences of selected inductees. Developed by South Dakota teachers to give 4th grade students the opportunity to interact with the lives of inductees using leading edge technology.

Acts of Excellence celebrates the many South Dakotans who achieve excellence every day that enhances the diversity of our state. A seal of excellence will include a certificate, broadcasting the achievement online and in the media and a resource directory of acts.

Our dream is big and we can't do it alone. Together inductees and communities can impact our state with ideas for more and better job, healthier families, innovation and civic dialog. Our goal is to build a culture of excellence through stories, recognition and celebration.



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