Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors - “Rapid City Circle of Friends”

The Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors (MOA) project has come together, evolved and the group has become a leader in in our community. MOA is now a group of Native and non-Native community leaders and stakeholders working together to BEAM (Bridge cultures, Educate ourselves and others, Advocate and Model behavior we want to see in others). MOAs believe "History and Place Matter…Relationships Matter.” MOA is working toward systemic change through leadership and engagement.

How are we BEAMing?
• Championing events and initiatives to bridge cultures (BH Wacipi, Native American Day Parade, celebrating the LNI, and more)
• Sponsoring educational forums for the community to educate ourselves and others
• Creating tours to expose citizens to the culture and beauty of the Lakota's culture on the reservation and beyond
• Developing a pilot for a youth MOA (2017)
• Encouraging conversations around the dinner table, in coffee shops and in the boardroom about developing relationships between Native and non-Natives in our community

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402 St. Joseph Street
Suite 8
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701