IT Call Center sets appointments for companies to expand their sales, with a particular focus on companies within the information technology sector. We limit to one client in any given geographic region, and we guarantee 3 appointments weekly and make up for any no-shows.

We are a valuable partner for any IT company looking to expand their sales portfolio, and we offer a 3-month sample agreement for companies to see how we can help them grow. We are the most cost-effective outsourced lead-generation company in North America. We have developed market-leading methodologies for penetration of various market sectors on behalf of our clients.

IT Call Center looks forward to working with companies who seek to expand their market presence by getting out into the field and in front of potential customers to start building their pipeline. We are the best at what we do and offer a strong customer-focused service ethic to achieve our goals. In a competitive market environment, we help companies get in the door to compete and to meet and exceed sales objectives.

IT Call Center gives you a whole new way to get new clients, and keeps you one step ahead of the crowd.



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