Dark Canyon Labs is a virtual company based in Rapid City, South Dakota, and founded by local physicians Dale Bachwich, MD and Vera Kowal, MD.

Dark Canyon Labs is dedicated to improving the colonoscopy prep experience for all patients. Colon and rectal cancers kill 50,000 patients each year in the US. That’s like a jet plane crashing every day. Colonoscopy screening is a very effective way to reduce the number of new cancer cases, yet only 60% of eligible patients get screened. Part of the reluctance to get screened has been due to the existing prep process...horrible-tasting preps in large volumes. Existing tableted preps have ‘black box warnings’ from the FDA due to their potential for lethal renal complications.

DCL-101 is a new patented colonoscopy prep that aims to provide a good experience for patients preparing for their colonoscopy procedure. A safe, good-tasting prep means better patient compliance, which leads to better quality preps, higher polyp detection rates, and saved lives.

A Phase 2 Clinical Trial to confirm the safety and efficacy of DCL-101 is currently recruiting patients and is sponsored by Dark Canyon Labs. The trial is now listed on www.ClinicalTrials.gov, a service of the National Institutes of Health.




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