Morning Fill Up, the monthly conversation series sponsored by The Numad Group and The Bush Foundation, brings local, regional and national leaders to Rapid City for a 24-hour blitz of conversations and collaborations.

The series consists of public and private gatherings intended to inspire and engage members of The Garage coworking space, as well as residents around western South Dakota, to put their creative energies into action for the betterment of the entire community.

Paula Kerger
President and CEO, PBS


Paula Kerger is president and CEO of PBS. In a conversation with Matt Ehlman of The Numad Group, she will talk about leadership, storytelling, and the role media plays in our country today. She’ll also give us an inside look at the nation’s largest non-commercial media organization in the United States.

Paula joined PBS in March 2006 and is the longest serving president and CEO in PBS history. During her tenure, she has made particularly strong commitments to the arts, news and public affairs, high-quality educational content for children and the classroom, diversity, and the use of new digital platforms to bring public media into the lives of all Americans.